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Sit back and relax, there is a big enough housing for everybody on board. It will be open from Wednesday night to Monday
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Art Crawl

Show us your talent and upload your art crawl photo through your profile .
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Welcome to Brussels, the capital of Belgium but also of Europe.

Brussels is a human sized city in the middle of one of the smallest countries on the continent. Such a small city, in such a small country, and yet what riches it has to offer! Beyond the political conflicts and internal language barriers*, Brussels is a cosmopolitan city, where history shows itself around every corner.
Over these 5 days we will do our best to immerse you in this atmosphere that we’re so fond of; From Eddy’s feats to the vats in our many breweries, the mythical moves of our very own JCVD, and the way we double cook our fries, Brussels will be pleased to show you around its many nooks and crannies.
Also, we’ll just lay this out for you right here and now: whoever listened to Jacques Brel singing of “Ce Plat Pays” (this flat country) and took his words literally, will inevitably, by the pain in their calves, realise just what a mistake they made...

So come enjoy a “Pintje” with us, and then we’ll go salute little Julien, who despite his size and total nudity doesn’t mind the “occasional downpour”.
Hé, Tot straks hein!

*You may not know that Belgium has three official languages (French, Dutch and German), and that up until recently we held the record for the longest time for a country to have no government, 541 days.


Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
silence the radios and with exalted drum,
bring out the fun, let the messengers come!
(more or less) W.H. Auden

Don’t let the ECMC 2019 plane take off without you, get on board ASAP!


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Call for Sponsors

Because an event doesn’t build itself, we are counting on your support to make it happen.

A unique occasion for you to enjoy a one of a kind exposure for your brand. Goodies in the registration pack, banners on the race course, or a tent in the main event area, your logo on visual media, or even an event named for your company, anything is possible. We can get in touch and find a solution that best fits your expectations.

Help Wanted

There are no championships without racers, but more importantly, there are no championships without volunteers.
Just like a messenger needs a bike, like fries need potatoes, like a tattoo needs skin and skin needs sun (or cream), championships need volunteers.
You are the wings and the jets of the ECMC 2019 plane, the Johnny lifting Baby ( time of my life ). We need your help, your skills, your calm, your strength, your brains, your joy, your ideas, your phone charger, your helicopter, your... the list could be as long as the gratitude we have for you, which is endless. Join us on this amazing adventure and let’s make this journey unforgettable together.

As the Belgian motto says, strength through unity : “ L’union fait la force, eendracht maakt macht” !

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