Pre-Event in London and Group Ride to Brussels

Because there is no great party without a great warm up, because life is too short to wear pant...trousers, because we love them, because you love group rides, because time flies...Why not spend ten days of fun instead of five?
Go to London, the host city for the ECMC 2019 pre-event from June 21st to 23rd (the fun will last even longer since it’s starting on the longest day of the year), start working on your tan, your grin and most of all, warm up your vocal chords ( you can practice here ), because London’s calling!

Limited seats but maximum fun, REGISTER NOW!

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Instagram : @preecmc2019

Un-official Pre-Pre-Event in Glasgow

Got a long layover? Giorgiana made your route? Need to warm up before the warm up ? Go to Glasgow and follow its team of pirates and “chistolé” !

Get in touch with them through Instagram :