General Rules

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to participate to all events.
  • Violence or threat of violence, verbal or physical harassment, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist comments or any kind of boundary crossing behavior will not be tolerated during the ECMC Brussels.
  • Don't be an asshole! Respect and tolerance are the words.
  • Organizers reserve the right to disqualify ANYBODY from any event INCLUDING PARTIES without the possibility of appeal or refund.
  • Helmet is mandatory for all cycling events; NO HELMET = NO RACE.

Safer Space Policy

The goal of safer spaces is to encourage all participants to work together to prevent or reduce harm, particularly for those who are often the targets of violence and harassment. To this end, any oppressive behaviour which makes others feel unsafe will not be tolerated.
Keep in mind that your friends could be capable of doing shitty things so take care of each other. Additionally, we will not view ignorance, intoxication, or attempts at humour as an excuse for any unacceptable behaviour. Should you feel unsafe in any way, or notice someone else’s well being threatened, don’t hesitate to go to an AwareMess volunteer, or call the emergency phone number. ECMC Brussels is a hate-free zone, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the event and are prepared to do so.


Different cities, different streets, different crashes...same job, same commitment, same scratches...same rights. It’s hard enough to survive in everyday traffic and the outside world, every bike messenger should be entitled to the same treatment.

The *BMA exists to develop, empower and support a network of for all those who don’t benefit from cis male privilege within local and international bike messenger communities. Their mission is to increase their visibility and unify people around the world.

The * in the *BMA represents everyone who is under-represented in a cis male dominated field. It deliberately doesn’t center women, cisgender or otherwise, it doesn’t put one gender first. It is adaptable, egalitarian and elegant. It doesn’t allow for assumptions and it demands a question which they are prepared to answer.

ECMC 2019 proudly supports the *BMA.

More info on *BMA website.

Belgian traffic laws

If you’re reading this it means you scrolled down to the bottom...Anyway, if you like to get to the bottom of things or if you are simply curious, you can check the legalities on the official website. The minimum requirements for your bike to be street legal in Brussels (and Belgium) can be found on the Provélo website. If you still can’t get enough to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, there is more information on the Provélo website as well. Enjoy!

The legalities on the official website

Check the minimal legal requirements for your bike in Brussels and in Belgium on the Provélo website

More info on Provélo Website.