Call For Sponsorship

The Pony Express built its legend because business needed to travel. As bike messengers, we make business travel from here to there, it’s our everyday job. We cover an unlimited range of sectors, from exclusive contracts to flowers, from child lunchboxes to blood samples, from designer clothes to a favourite pillow, from forgotten keys to visas, we take care of other people’s business, all year long. Championships are about being the very best at getting the job done.

The European Cycle Messenger Championships are a celebration of our profession, and they are also a great opportunity to promote your company and/or your ideas. The more support we get, the greater the event will be, and the more impact your message will have. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll come back to you ( even faster than the Pony Express) and together we can start working something out.

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Current sponsors of the ECMC 2019 Brussels: